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Pharma Cosm Polli is a well-established Italian company, the result of decades of experience of its founder Fabio Polli, which distributes raw materials for the cosmetics industry in Italy and in many foreign countries, with a particular focus on natural, organic, and sustainable products. Our product portfolio counts more than a thousand references from all over the world. Our goal is to offer to all customers the soul, scents and proposals of the Far East as well as of the deepest and hidden Amazon forest.
We support every request with our team of experts, a solid experience, and an extensive network of agents throughout the territory.

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We listen to our customers’ needs in order to suggest the most suitable solutions for their formulas, considering market trends as well.
Our suppliers are carefully selected, and the raw materials we distribute are in line with our company philosophy. In fact, Pharma Cosm Polli works every day to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of its products by maintaining a solid collaboration with its partners. In addition, we offer an excellent formulation service that allows us to support the formulator with a consultant who can suggest the best solutions thanks to a long and extensive experience.

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Pharma Cosm Polli
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Pharma Cosm Polli daily supports every business reality by providing its raw materials to multinationals and small pharmacies alike, always with the same dedication and attention because “every customer is potentially the best customer”.
Our portfolio includes a wide range of ingredients in which functional principles have always played an important role. Our offer, however, also extends to Cosmetic Waters (Distilled, Aquacell, Hydrolates), Antioxidant or Rheological Additives, Amino Acids, Clays, Butters, Waxes, Chelating Agents, Conditioners, Preservatives, Emollients and Emulsifiers, Vegetable Extracts, Filler, Fragrances, Oils (Essential, Vegetable, Macerated), Scrubs, Plasticizers, Solubilizers and Surfactants.

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